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Understanding your members and anticipating their needs relies on a strong data culture and dynamic systems structured around your organisation. A CRM system helps you keep member contact details up to date, track their engagement, and manage their accounts. Our preferred solution is Hubspot.

HubSpot. More than just a CRM.
HubSpot is an all-in-one technology platform covering marketing, sales, customer service and CRM software. The HubSpot platform focuses on inbound marketing and creates a helpful, human approach to growing your membership. The suite of tools helps you attract, engage and delight people by providing value and trust.
Member Acquisition and Retention
HubSpot provides tools for lead generation, lead nurturing, and customer relationship management (CRM), which can help membership organisations attract new members and effectively manage their membership base. It enables personalised communication, targeted marketing campaigns, and automation to improve member acquisition and retention rates.
Engagement and Communication
Membership organisations often need help with member engagement and effective communication. HubSpot offers features like email marketing, social media management, and marketing automation. It allows organisations to deliver personalised and timely messages to their members, increasing engagement and fostering a sense of community.
Data Management and Reporting
Membership organisations need to collect and analyse data to make informed decisions. HubSpot’s CRM system enables organisations to track and manage member data, segment their audience, and generate reports to gain insights into member behaviour, preferences, and engagement levels.
Content Marketing and Education
Providing valuable content and educational resources to members is crucial for membership organisations. HubSpot offers content management tools, blogging capabilities, and email marketing automation to create and distribute relevant and engaging content, helping organisations position themselves as thought leaders in their industry.
Event Management
Membership organisations often host events to engage their members and provide networking opportunities. HubSpot’s event management tools help streamline event planning, registration, and promotion. Organisations can leverage features like event landing pages, ticketing, and email automation to drive attendance and ensure a smooth event experience.
Revenue Generation
Generating revenue beyond membership fees is a priority for many membership organisations. HubSpot enables organisations to implement e-commerce functionality, create sponsorship programs, and optimise pricing structures to diversify revenue streams and maximise financial success.
Member Support and Satisfaction
Providing excellent member support is essential for retaining members. HubSpot’s ticketing system and customer service tools can help membership organisations streamline support processes, track member inquiries, and provide timely responses, enhancing member satisfaction.
Workflow Efficiency
HubSpot’s automation features, such as workflow automation and task management, help streamline processes and increase organisational efficiency. This allows member organisations to automate repetitive tasks, manage member onboarding, and ensure smooth operations.

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