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Event Management

Meetings, conferences and events are a lifeline for membership organisations, building community engagement, and networking (and revenue). In-person or online, your events solution should ensure that promotion and registration go off without a hitch.


What should member organisations expect from an event management solution?

Membership event management solutions should provide a comprehensive centralised solution for planning, executing, and analysing events. They optimise the event experience, facilitate communication and networking, and provide valuable data for future event strategies.

Enhanced attendee experience

An event management solution aims to enhance attendees’ experience; through features such as online registration and ticketing, customisable schedules, session selection, and communication channels. With these tools, attendees can easily access information about the event, tailor their experience to their liking, and receive real-time updates through notifications.

Seamless communication and networking

Event management solutions should provide messaging systems, forums, and networking features to ensure effective communication between event organisers, attendees, speakers, and sponsors. These tools enable participants to connect, share ideas, and interact before, during, and after the event, promoting collaboration and engagement among all members.

Data management and analytics

Event management solutions gather essential data throughout the event process; this includes information on attendee demographics, preferences, session attendance, and engagement. By analysing this data, event managers can measure success, identify trends, and make informed decisions for future events.

Marketing and promotion

Event management solutions must have or be able to integrate with marketing tools. These tools can include email campaigns, social media integration, and event listing capabilities, which can help member organisations attract attendees, increase event visibility, and drive registration numbers.

Financial management

If you’re organising an event, using an event management solution should offer features like online ticket sales, payment processing, and financial reporting. They make it easier for you to collect payments, track revenue, and generate financial reports so that you can efficiently manage your event finances.

Integration and automation

Integrating event management solutions with other software systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, or content management systems, allows seamless data flow between platforms, automates repetitive tasks, and improves overall efficiency


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Typical features of an event management solution.


Online event registration and ticketing

Attendee details

Attendee management and tracking


Agenda and session scheduling


Speaker and presenter management


Exhibitor and sponsor management


Event communication and notifications


Payment processing and financial reporting


Integration with other software systems

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