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Will AI chat change the way we do Content Marketing

Updated: 21/03/2024

So if you haven’t heard, AI image and text generation has entered the public sphere in a big way. Generative Ai programs like DALL·E 2 and ChatGPT from Open AI seem to be dominating the Tech news headlines. These unstoppable artificial intelligence’s can fairly accurately mimic human art and conversations and almost instantly produce new art and unique text that are disturbingly close to human quality.

Image generation is causing a big stir amongst artists and stock image website Getty images has started a legal battle with a AI provider in the US and UK to protect its artists. Because they see it as a threat to their businesses. On the Flip side, Shutterstock have announced they have teamed up with Open AI to add Generative Ai image creation to its offering and allowing users to license images created on their platform.

Meanwhile educators and assessors are worried AI Text generation is undetectable for teachers and parents and could result in many getting away with cheating. As with any new technology, techno fear tends to rise dramatically, but very quickly the general population becomes used to it.

AI provides a unique opportunity for copy writers and editors to get content out fast. Let’s explore a little deeper.

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What is AI created content?

Lets ask an AI. We asked the AI chat program written by writesonic who advertise as being SEO optimised and Plagiarism free.

How does Artificial Intelligence create images and text?

Artificial Intelligence creates images and text through a combination of machine learning models and natural language processing. Machine learning models use large datasets of images and text to learn how to generate images based on text inputs. Natural language processing is used to interpret the text inputs and create images that match the text description as closely as possible.

So in less technical terms, and AI program looks at other images and text and writes something similar. No doubt some of you remember this type of copywriting from your student days. However, in this case the AI won’t actually tell you where it’s learned its information, its sources or datasets.

How do you use a AI to create copy?

You can create long form content like articles and blog posts, short form content like social media posts, or you can chat with an AI. Depending on the type of content you need determines how you’re going to use it.

With long or short form content you adding a title, just like essay writing, and then add some keywords, so the AI knows the direction your going and the highlights you want to include. Then you click go, and that’s it. Sounds great doesn’t it. It’s very easy to do, we even created this article on using AI for your content marketing as a test.

Chat GPT created by Open AI is probably the biggest name in AI text writing, but as of the time of writing this article, they were at capacity and we were unable to use its program. But there are plenty of other AI copywriting programs available. The question is are they all created equal? No, just as every school child is influenced by their teacher and the books and resources they learn from, so an AI is only as good as the datasets it has been shown.

Don’t fire your content team.. yet

Wait, before you fire your content writers and editors there are some big questions. Right now AI is not a replacement for your content marketing team, its a tool to help them produce content better. Look at the test article we created, it was created and published in minutes, but is it any good?

Without a knowledgable human overseeing their work it can be very easy for an AI to make mistakes.

A meme of a badly designed plane by an AI image generator

AI’s don’t always reference their dataset

AI datasets cannot reference the whole dataset they use, just in the same way a person cannot reference every single influence on their own life, (It would be a super giant bibliography). But they can provide references (sometimes) to content and quotes.

In the piece of AI generated content we created it quotes statistics about a “recent survey” but gives no information about who the survey was conducted by, or how. To me as someone who has been teaching at a University level for 5+ years this content would not pass the bar.

In some cases, a piece of writing has been generated by an AI and contained references to other writing that did not exist. This is an issue of ‘monkey see, monkey do’ without actually understanding the reason why it’s done. The AI reads other work with references and thinks it should too. The good news is as AI’s develop (think of them like school children, they will get better at recognising when to use and how to source an actual reference).

Factual but not interesting

The content piece we generated has a lot of facts and seems to be in the “shape of an article”, but it’s incredibly dry to read and hardly generates much excitement in the reader. It’s lacking that human touch. Interestingly you can ask an AI to replicate a piece of text in the style of someone and much fun has been had replicating content to sound like former presidents and celebrities.

Plagiarised Datasets

Ok, here’s a big problem as we see it. With the lack of transparency of the dataset used, it’s impossible for marketers to determine how original the generated content is. Publishers CNET’s AI articles have been found to contain factual errors and even directly plagiarise human content. Not a good look. But the problem is they may not have known the content was plagerised at all. But now knowing this, I hope that if you do use AI in your copywriting you will do a little plagerism checking (even just a Google search would be a good start).

How can Content Marketing teams and AI work together

As with most technology that looks like it will replace actual humans, the fact is (for now) it isn’t ready yet. But it can be a powerful tool for hybrid working. So let’s look at ways it can be used.

Learn to Prompt

Generative AI is only as good as the human using them (for the moment) so you actually do have to put in some work learning how to prompt an AI to output the kind of work your looking for. I hope to write a guide on this in the future, but for now I recommend having a play with some generative AI and ‘learn by doing’

You can’t edit a blank a page

The worst part of writing can sometimes be getting started. Where as just having something on a page to start editing can be very useful. Don’t start with a blank page, use an AI generator to get you started and make the content human, start by fact checking the whole piece, add correct references, maybe even jokes. Consider whether the tone of voice or reading level is suitable for your audiences level of understanding.

Text Extenders

Sometimes you have written a piece of content but feel it needs a little more adding. Or perhaps it under the minimum word count. In this instance use an AI to extend your text. This is a great way to use AI as you have established a clear idea and subject which an AI can build on and stay on target.

More than just text

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that AI can do more than just text and images. AI is very quickly becoming a force majeure in many types of multimedia, from video, 3d design, speech and code. and it might be worth exploring something different to add to your content offering. Below we present a map of the the generative ai application landscape by

Map of generative AI

This is my opening piece on How AI Will change the world. I hope you enjoyed reading it please subscribe to our blog to make sure you read the next one.

Bonus Feature

Q & A with a Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot – Part 1

Will AI chat change the way we do Content Marketing

Yes! AI can automate content marketing processes and help marketers generate hundreds of keyword ideas and content topics in seconds. AI can also help to optimize search engine optimization and personalize messages to the audience. AI can also help to analyze data and trends quickly and to generate relevant content for users. AI can also help marketers to research, test and optimize content quickly. AI chat can also provide 24/7 interaction with users.

Will AI content change the way Google ranks websites

Yes, AI content can affect the way Google ranks websites. Google considers a variety of factors when ranking websites, including content quality, quality of backlinks, user experience, and more. AI-generated content can help to improve content quality, which in turn can help to improve a website’s rank on Google. Additionally, AI content can be used to quickly create content for websites, which can help to improve the overall user experience.

What are the main differences between human and AI written text

The main difference between human-written and AI-written text lies in the creativity and originality. AI-written text is generated based on input data and algorithms, and thus can be less creative and may have a more rigid or uniform structure. Human-written text, however, is often more creative and can be tailored to each individual author’s style. Moreover, AI-written content may contain errors in grammar, syntax, and spelling due to the machine learning algorithms used, whereas human-written text may have fewer errors. Furthermore, AI-written text usually has a much shorter turnaround time than human-written content, and can be produced in large amounts.

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