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Add internal links to your website

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What should you do? Add internal links to your website!

Role: Editor
Impact: Medium
Difficulty: Low

Internal links are a good way to send signals to search engines like Google. They signpost the most important pages on your website and indicate that your website content is worth ranking on a particular topic. They build on and improve your existing website architecture, as well as help your website readers understand and access your content leading to a better user experience.

Internal linking improves your website navigation

Links or Hyperlinks are the method used by humans and search engine web crawlers to travel between web pages on the internet. External links are ones that direct users away from your website to another website. Whilst Internal links are the ones that are used to navigate around your own website. The most common examples are main menu headings. It starts with a Home page link, and then proceeds to the most important top level categories and subcategories of your site.   

Using Links in the content of your website is good for SEO. Search engine web crawlers use them to navigate around your website and can indicate to search engines the website contents hierarchy of importance. When they are used with html anchor text (link text) they can also pass on keyword meta information that can affect your rankings. 

How to add internal links to your website

Let’s look at an example. Here is an internal link to our Website

The link alone on your website doesn’t give much data to webcrawlers (or humans). But it is a method to ensure webcrawlers (and humans) find this content.

Now let’s add some anchor text (link text) to our internal hyperlink. I’ve added the text “Website Solutions” and now web crawlers have some context as to where the link directs to. Which will also have a positive effect on this page appearing in search engines for search queries like “Website Solutions”. 

<a href=”“>Website Solutions</a>

Modern website editors make this very easy to do for people who are not experienced with code. So you have no excuse not to give it a go.

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