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End your Twitter bio with a call to action

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What should you do? End your Twitter bio with a call to action!

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Including a call to action is generally a good idea, whatever the channel or objective. Whether it’s in your Twitter bio, in a social media post or in an email – A call to action acts as a signpost telling users what they need to do next without which your users may struggle to see the route to subscribing, joining or taking the next action.

Twitter can be a useful tool and not just for scroll exercises  

Despite the many premonitions of the ‘death of twitter’ it is still a surprisingly popular social media platform. Also unlike other platforms it seems to attract many business leaders and decision makers who use it on a regular basis, either by using a personal or company account. Your company twitter profile is also a touchpoint where potential companies will be looking, which makes it the perfect place to put a Call To Action  (CTA), a link which clicks through to an offer on your website.   

How to end your Twitter Bio with a call to action

Just in case it’s been a while since you have used Twitter. Let’s have a quick recap.

  • Login to your account
  • Access the profile area to customise your Bio
  • Add a link with a CTA that leads to a meaningful place on your website

Pro tip to end your Twitter Bio with a call to action

If someone’s browsing your twitter profile, they are clearly someone who’s interested in your company and content. However they may not be ready to become your customer just yet. So we recommend choosing a CTA that could appeal to potential customers who may not be ready to sign up.

If you really want to keep your profile fresh you can change the CTA to match your seasonal campaigns. Some people might recommend a Linktree here, however it might not be the best idea to add a layer of intermediation as it may put off potential leads and cost you a conversion.

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