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Setup a ‘Google alert’ for brand mentions

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What should you do? Setup a ‘Google alert’ for brand mentions!

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Google Alerts are email notifications provided to you by Google when its web crawlers find your keyword or phrase online. So if you set up an alert for your brand you will receive an alert whenever Google finds a mention of your brand online.

Setup Google Alert notifications to monitor your brand

A Google Alert is a notification sent to you by Google when it finds your alert query online. You can set up an alert to receive info about news, products, or mentions of your name. So for example you might want to receive an email notification whenever someone publishes something online with your brand name or product name, find out what they said and take appropriate action, such as sharing the good news / reviews. 

How to setup a Google Alert for brand mentions

You can set up a Google Alert on Google’s website: Simply add the words or phrases you want to monitor into the web app and off you go. You do have some filtering options when you set up an alert such as how many results you want to receive and how frequent you get notifications sent to you, as well as the types of sites you’ll see in the notification. You can also set Geographical boundaries such as language and the part of the world you want info from.

If you’re familiar with PPC on the Google Ads platform, you will know that you can also use “Quotations” around your search query to have an exact match instead of a broad match search result.

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