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Start the Year with a Positive Message!

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What should you do? Start the Year with a Positive Message!!

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Difficulty: Low

Wishing members a Happy New Year is an opportunity for a membership organisation to strengthen their member relationships by expressing gratitude for their support and contributions. It’s a chance to reflect on past achievements, showcasing the impact of members’ involvement.

The New Year serves as a pivotal point for membership organisations to refocus on goals, setting an optimistic tone for the upcoming year. By sharing aspirations and plans, an organisation can reignite members’ interest, inspiring renewed engagement and participation. Leveraging the fresh start mentality associated with the New Year, an organisation can recommit members to their involvement and encourage exploration of new opportunities within the community. Ultimately, it’s a time to reconnect, express gratitude, and align efforts toward shared goals and aspirations.

How to write a Happy New Year’s Message

You can either send an email to all members or make a public community post where appropriate.

Personalise Your Greeting: Start your message with a personalised greeting to your members. Address them directly to create a sense of connection and recognition.

Reflect on Achievements: Highlight key achievements or milestones of the past year. Express gratitude for their contributions and support that made these successes possible.

Express Optimism and Hope: Embrace the spirit of a fresh start! Share your organisation’s excitement and anticipation for the new year. Use positive and hopeful language to convey enthusiasm.

Wish for Prosperity and Joy: Extend warm wishes for the upcoming year. Share hopeful and encouraging sentiments, such as “May the new year bring you success, happiness, and prosperity.”

Personalise your Organisation’s Signature: Sign off the post with a humans name rather than your organisation’s name or use a team’s signature to reinforce the personal touch.

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