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How to Launch & Promote a Pillar Page

Pillar pages are gifts that keep on giving. But, promoting them is an ongoing process. The more you invest in promotion and engagement, the better the results you can expect.

Updated: 28/03/2024

Over time, a well-promoted pillar page can become a cornerstone of your content marketing strategy, attracting organic traffic leads and establishing your authority in your industry. Here are some ideas and strategies to help you get started:

Teaser posts and emails

Build anticipation by sending pre-launch emails or sharing teaser posts on social media before the pillar page’s launch. Share snippets or intriguing insights to pique curiosity.

Count down to pillar page launch

Create countdown posts and emails to build excitement. Use compelling copy and visuals from your pillar page to make followers look forward to the release. Consider offering subscribers or followers exclusive or early access to the pillar page content, creating a sense of privilege and urgency.

Launch announcements

On the pillar page launch day, publish a dedicated announcement post across all your social media channels. Include a brief overview of what the pillar page offers and a clear call to action to visit it. Remember to send an email to your subscribers with the same goal.

Reminders and follow-ups

Send reminder emails to subscribers who haven’t visited the pillar page after the initial announcement. Gently nudge them to explore the content.

User-generated content

Encourage readers to share their thoughts as comments on the pillar page. Do the same via social media or prompt your followers to create and share content related to the pillar page. User-generated content adds authenticity and expands your content’s visibility.

Live streaming and webinars

Consider hosting live streams or webinars on social media where you discuss the key points or findings from the pillar page. Or, as we do about this pillar page, expand upon the topic and add value with educational workshops.

Leverage influencers

Collaborate with influencers or thought leaders in your industry who can promote your pillar page. Tag thought leaders on the subject in social posts about the pillar page. Responses, likes and comments from Influencers provide credibility and reach a larger audience. Remember to use relevant hashtags to reach a broader audience interested in the subject matter.

Invest in paid advertising

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer increasingly targeted ad options to reach specific demographics. Invest in paid social media advertising to promote your pillar page. Especially if the goal of your pillar page is lead generation.

Ask your audience questions

Ask subscribers and followers about the pillar page’s topic. Encourage them to click through to find answers and solutions. Respond promptly to comments and provide additional insights or information related to the pillar page in your answers.

Repurpose pillar page content

Repurpose content from the pillar page into shorter social media posts, videos, or infographics. Share these snippets to entice followers to explore the full content.

Post regular updates

Don’t stop promoting after the initial launch. Continue to share valuable insights and updates related to the pillar page to keep it relevant and maintain engagement.

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